Phicus & Martin Küchen


NEW RELEASE " Sumpflegende" on Fundacja Sluchaj april 2019.

"... a no hold barred pleasurefest  of soundplay matching and contrasting tones and textures, introduced, layered and discarded in an unstoppable kineticism." (Dave Foxall, A Jazz Noise)

"Phicus is one of the best guitar & drums and bass trio in the world at this moment for its freshness, energy, enthusiasm, novelty, you name it." (Maciej Lewestein)

"Eis um disco que vai directo para o topo da lista dos melhores de 2017. " (Rui Eduardo Paes, Jazz.pt)


Phicus is a trio from Barcelona composed of Ferran Fages (electric guitar), Àlex Reviriego (double bass) and Vasco Trilla (drums). They speculate with silence, pull the noise out of joint, rearrange the timbre, scrap the tradition to explore their very own harmonic universe forged of the energy of a blazing forest into flame, where solely simple, lanceolate, obverse-shining leaves remain alive. 

They joined swedish sax player Martin Küchen, internationally aclaimed improviser known for projects as Trespass Trio, Angles and his influential solo projects. In october 2017 they meet for a week on an intense work, reherasing, touring and recording what has become their first album "Sumpflegende" to be released on Fundacja Sluchaj, april 2019. Stay tuned!

Listen a watch a track from the upcoming album:



Check out the first phicus cd, plom:



More info:


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