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Sylvie Courvoisier / Mary Halvorson
Available dates from January 27 until February 9, 2022

* Representación solo en España en colaboración con Saudades Tourneen

Craig Taborn piano solo
Available dates from August 11 until 17, 2022
Available dates from April 25 until May 1, 2022
Available dates from January 26 until February 14, 2022


“A lot of my interests revolve around trying to extend the boundaries you can create in… there’s a lot to be said for allowing things to arise out of musical necessity in the whole arc of the story being told.”

Hailed by DownBeat as "one of the visionaries of the current wave", pianist Craig Taborn was born in Minneapolis in 1970 and was already active on the jazz scene during his time at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he met drummer and long-term collaborator Gerald Cleaver. They made their ECM debuts together in 1997 with Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory, and both play in Michael Formanek's quartet, an association documented on the ECM recordings The Rub And Spare Change and Small Places.


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Ralph Gluch-Jazzproductions.

Marc Ribot solo
Available dates from January 20 until 30, 2022

MARC RIBOT, guitar.


Live Film Scores: Chaplin’s THE KID and AELITA: QUEEN OF MARS

New cd "Silent Movies" at Pi Recordings. 


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Saudades Tourneen.