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The Nels Cline Singers
Available dates from March 4 until 22, 2015

NELS C.CLINE, guitar. TREVOR DUNN, bass. CYRO BAPTISTA, percussion, vocals. SCOTT AMENDOLA, drums.


* Representation in Spain in collaboration with Saudades Tourneen

Peter Evans Solo
Available dates from March 25 until April 4, 2015

PETER EVANS, trompeta.

Marc Ribot solo
Available dates from March 12 until 22, 2015
Available dates from January 14 until 24, 2016

MARC RIBOT, guitar.

Live Film Scores: Chaplin’s THE KID and AELITA: QUEEN OF MARS

New cd "Silent Movies" at Pi Recordings. 

Available dates from March 5 until 15, 2015

JOE MORRIS, electric guitars. MARY HALVORSON, electric guitars. JAMIE SAFT, piano, organ. CHRIS LIGHTCAP, electric bass. GERALD CLEAVER, drums.

Peter Evans Quintet
Available dates from November 19 until March 24, 2015

PETER EVANS, trumpet. CARLOS HOMS, piano. TOM BLANCARTE, bass. JIM BLACK, drums. SAM PLUTA, electronics, laptop.

* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Saudades Tourneen.


Circus, Cinema and Spaguetti - Sex Mob plays Fellini: The Music of Nino Rota
Available dates from March 1 until 29, 2015

STEVEN BERNSTEIN, trumpet. BRIGGAN KRAUSS, alto sax. TONY SCHERR, bass. KENNY WOLLESEN, drums, vibraphone.

* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Saudades Tourneen.

Craig Taborn piano solo
Available dates from February 3 until 8, 2016
Available dates from March 16 until 23, 2015