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Craig Taborn piano solo
Available dates from February 26 until March 5, 2020
Available dates from December 7 until 13, 2020
Available dates from June 1 until August 31, 2020


“A lot of my interests revolve around trying to extend the boundaries you can create in… there’s a lot to be said for allowing things to arise out of musical necessity in the whole arc of the story being told.”

Hailed by DownBeat as "one of the visionaries of the current wave", pianist Craig Taborn was born in Minneapolis in 1970 and was already active on the jazz scene during his time at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he met drummer and long-term collaborator Gerald Cleaver. They made their ECM debuts together in 1997 with Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory, and both play in Michael Formanek's quartet, an association documented on the ECM recordings The Rub And Spare Change and Small Places.


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Ralph Gluch-Jazzproductions.

Available dates from January 28 until February 8, 2020




* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Saudades Tourneen.

Available dates from January 30 until February 2, 2020
Available dates from May 28 until 30, 2020
Available dates from November 25 until December 6, 2020
Available dates from October 28 until November 8, 2020
Available dates from November 4 until 8, 2020

MATS GUSTAFSSON saxophones, Fender Rhodes & electronics.




* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Danielle Oosterop Music Management

Broken Shadows
Available dates from January 22 until February 5, 2020

TIM BERNE, alto sax
CHRIS SPEED, tenor sax
REID ANDERSON, double bass
DAVE KING, drums



Broken Shadows is a quartet of kindred spirits communing over shared loves and common inspirations, radiating not only homage but aspiration - to make music with deep roots reach out into the present moment, alive and attuned and moving through our air now. These four musicians hailing from the urban northern half of America - Tim Berne, Chris Speed, Reid Anderson and Dave King - have banded together to reinterpret the timeless sounds conjured by great men from the rural South and heartland of the country: Ornette Coleman, Julius Hemphill, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden. These iconic figures created an ever-resonant avant-garde out of the folk-art influences of their early surroundings, a canon that comprises the hard blues and deep lament, keening celebration and hollering protest. Wound through the DNA of such avant-jazz classics as "Dogon A.D.," "Lonely Woman," "Civilization Day," "Walls- Bridges" and "Song for Ché" are the age-old sounds of back-alley bars and carnival midways, funeral processions and holiday parades, the rave-ups of Saturday night shading into the hymns of Sunday morning. The way saxophonists Berne and Speed perform this music with the bass-and-drum team of Anderson and King has a rocking, roughhewn harmonic convergence wholly in keeping with the source materials, even as their improvisations have a searching, burning modernism of their own. To channel the cultural history of this music, the players of Broken Shadows can rely on their personal history as friends and collaborators; among various associations, Speed played in Berne's Bloodcount band in the 1990s, while Anderson and King are two-thirds of the genre defying band The Bad Plus. This foursome is onto something special here - the emotive breath and beat of this music being undeniable, infectious; these are players known for their ability to take it out, but Broken Shadows gives them a vehicle to get down. -- Bradley Bambarger


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Gluch.

Available dates from February 26 until March 8, 2020
Available dates from November 24 until 29, 2020

KJETIL MØSTER tenor saxophone
MATS GUSTAFSSON baritone saxophone & electronics
ANDERS HANA baritone guitar 


THE END creates new perspectives on contemporary experimental music. Elements of noise and layers of extreme energy interact with the different experiences of the musicians in genres like free jazz, noise, alternative rock, free improvised music, contemporary music, opera, grindcore, folk and jazz.

The members of THE END have worked in a huge variety of? creative music ensembles over the past years: Cloroform, Møster!, The Thing, Fire! & Fire! Orchestra, Ultralyd, MoHa, Paavo, Datarock, The Core, Noxact, NU- ensemble, Brutal Blues and many more.

for a whole slew of fresh perspectives in experimental sound, cauterising corrosive consignments where free jazz, noise, improvisation, opera and grindcore coexist at the poles of musical perversity. (Jazzwise)

When [the musicians] joined forces in the studio, the resulting sonic maelstrom was so fresh and ferocious, so daring and audacious, so darkly apocalyptic that The End seemed like the only name for this band of rebels. (Bill Milkowski)

The first album Svårmod och Vemod är Värdesinnen was released on RareNoiseRecords in June 2018.


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Danielle Oosterop Music Management