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Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones
Available dates from June 21 until September 21, 2019

vocals, harmonium, synthesizer, compositions

soprano saxophone


drums and sensory percussion


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The second release by Amirtha Kidambi’s ensemble Elder Ones, From Untruth is comprised of four pieces grappling with issues of power, oppression, capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, violence and the shifting nature of truth. This music means to give the listener momentary relief from the anxiety and pain caused by living in our current reality.

From Untruth builds upon the bedrock foundation of Kidambi’s previous compositional and conceptual work with Elder Ones, while forging uncharted territory. After a journey into wordless abstraction on Holy Science (Northern Spy, November 2016), Kidambi felt the urgency of the political moment required a direct and verbal call to action.

The instrumentation adds a layer of technology as a metaphor for modernity, with Kidambi on analog synthesizer and Max Jaffe’s drumming talents extended to electronic Sensory Percussion. The frenzied improvising of Matt Nelson on soprano sax and gravity of Nick Dunston on bass, anchor the music in the tradition of free jazz, while it pushes into new futurist realms. The aesthetic seamlessly reels from modal meditation, atonal expressionism, free improvisation and melodic invention, to unabashed bursts of punk rock energy.

This is Elder Ones at an unadulterated breaking point; on the edge of a knife that cuts.

Amirtha Kidambi: Compositions, Vocals, Harmonium, Synthesizer
Matt Nelson: Soprano Saxophone, Moog
Nick Dunston: Bass
Max Jaffe: Drums, Electronic Sensory Percussion

Recorded at Birdwatcher Studios, Big Indian, NY
Engineer: Chris Weiss
Mixing and Mastering: Matt Mehlan


Holy Science on Bandcamp

Holy Science



- Mary Halvorson's Code Girl - Vocals, Improvisation




The Wire - April 2019, page 55 
Emerging from New York's Brooklyn Raga Massive Rajna Swaminathan and Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones provide new contexts for traditional Indian musical strategies by Daniel Spicer

[...] In 2016, her quartet Elder Ones – featuring Matt Melson on soprano saxophone, Nick Dunston on bass and Max Jaffe playing drums and percussion – released their debut album Holy Science on which Kidambi blended Carnartic vocal techniques with the free jazz ululations of Linda Sharrock to indulge in worldless ecstasies. On her new album “From Untruth”, however, she introduces fragmentary lyrical invocations to tackle themes of colonialism, violence and the inequalities of global capitalism [...] – Daniel Spicer

TJG: Could you talk about all the influences that are present in your music?
AK: One of the most exciting things about the band was the fact that being a bicultural person, being an Indian-American, my experience in the world is already this really hybrid cultural experience. And then on top of that you add engaging with all these different types of music—since I was young, I have been exposed to Béla Bartók , and Tchaikovsky and Duke Ellington, everything. In elementary school, I sang Bach, St. Matthew’s Passion, when I was in fourth grade, and all of that was happening at the same time as I was studying Indian dance, going to see Carnatic music all the time, singing Indian devotional music, and my mom had Carnatic music on in the house 24/7. And then I was really into metal and punk and all this other stuff, and 90s R&B, was a huge vocal influence that was what I was singing all the time in the house. All of that is there, that’s my lived cultural experience as a person in America. [...]

> Review Elder Ones' "Holy Science" @ Pitchfork Magazine
A fixture of New York’s experimental scene, the vocalist Amirtha Kidambi makes her bandleading debut on Holy Science, fusing classical Indian music, drone, and free jazz with an original perspective. [...]

> "10 Fall Pop and Jazz Albums (and One Festival) You Shouldn’t Miss" @NYTIMES by Ben Ratliff
The aggressive and sublime first album by the band Elder Ones, “Holy Science,” is a kind of gauge for how strong and flexible the scene of young musicians in New York’s improvised and experimental music world can be. [...]

La Mecánica Popular
Available dates from May 9 until June 9, 2019

EFRAIN ROZAS - Rhodes Piano & Guitar



JOEL MATEO - Timbales



La Mecánica Popular has been featured at NYC Central Park Summerstage for the 50th Anniversary of Fania Records, Brooklyn Museum, Levitation Festival, Queens Museum, BBC, CNN, and NPR.

Reviews of new LP "Roza Cruz" (Names You Can Trust 2018, NYC)

"Radical Afro-Latin futurism"- NPR (full review)
"Brings tradition to new creative heights"- Remezcla (full review)
"10/10."- Juno Download (full review)
"This is not new Latin music, it's new music"- Gladys Palmera (full review) 


Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album in 2013 on Names You Can Trust, La Mecánica Popular has quietly been contemplating the evolution of the group's sound, philosophy, and overall approach to making music. Band leader Efraín Rozas' experimental nature has continually pushed the boundaries of his own definition of not only Latin American music, but its broader relationship with music's global culture and history. The sound of "psychedelic salsa" that LMP helped capture in their debut was destined for further outside-the-box interpretations, and with the formation of a new quintet lineup over the last few years, LMP began to incorporate a more free, improvised and instrumental-focused performance of Rozas' increasingly radical compositions. The band subsequently took this liberated approach directly into the studio, recording Roza Cruz live, in its entirety. It was a cathartic experience, a necessary methodology for the new album's concept that embraced the intimate performance of its players and did away with standard techniques of isolation and overdubs.

The evolution of the band's sound on Roza Cruz brings forth a blend of styles rarely heard together, a touch reminiscent of electric-era Miles Davis or Eddie Palmieri at his most experimental, as the driving force of timbales and congas provide a bed for a wave of lush, analog amplification that mirrors the dueling leads of fuzz guitar and electric piano. But as far out as those instruments take the listener, the raw rhythm — the clave — always keeps it tethered to the earth and the dance, a cerebral yet visceral gift for the mind and feet. 

Jakob Bro Trio
Available dates from June 26 until 28, 2019
Available dates from September 20 until 21, 2019
Available dates from October 2 until 9, 2019
Available dates from April 23 until May 3, 2020

JAKOB BRO, guitar. THOMAS MORGAN, bass. JOEY BARON, drums.


 * Representation only in Spain, in collaboration with  Concertbüro Uli Fild: