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Periodos de gira del 18 al 26 de marzo de 2017

NATE WOOLEY, trompeta

KEN VANDERMARK, saxos y clarinete.


STEVE HEATHER, batería y percusión.


Marc Ribot "Ceramic Dog"
Periodos de gira del 17 al 29 de marzo de 2017
Periodos de gira del 24 de julio al 6 de agosto de 2017

MARC RIBOT guitarras, voz, bajo ocasional. SHAHZAD ISMAILY bajo, Moog, electrónica. CHES SMITH batería, electrónica.

Crítica en el periódico Avui del concierto en el Festival de jazz de Vic

* Representación en España en colaboración con Saudades Tourneen. (

Lean Left
ULTIMAS FECHAS DISPONIBLES Periodos de gira del 28 de marzo al 1 de abril de 2017
Periodos de gira del 29 de agosto al 2 de septiembre de 2017

The Ex Guitars meets Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo

KEN VANDERMARK: saxo tenor y clarinete.

ANDY MOOR: guitarra.

TERRIE EX: guitarra.


28/03/17 Cafe Oto 27
30/03/17 Carré Bleu 13
31/03/17 Jazzhouse 7

DEK = Kern/Harnik/Vandermark
Periodos de gira del 9 al 17 de marzo de 2017

KEN VANDERMARK tenor saxophone & Bb clarinet 


Featuring Didi Kern, Elisabeth Harnik, and Ken Vandermark, DEK is a trio that creates music which displays the impact that improvisation, new composition, and the genres of rock, funk, and afrobeat have on each other. First established in September of 2014, the group has worked together on a regular basis in Europe, and will release their first album on the Trost label in 2016; a year which will feature performances by the band in New York City during Vandermark's Stone residency during January, in Milwaukee as part of the Option Milwaukee series, and during an extensive tour of Europe in October. 


More info:


Instagram: ken_vandermark 

Ballister = Rempis+Lonberg-Holm+Nilssen-Love
Periodos de gira del 15 al 26 de marzo de 2017

DAVE REMPIS, saxos alto, tenor y barítono. FRED LONBERG-HOLM, cello y electrónica. PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE, batería y percusión.

Han grabado dos álbumes: "Bastard String" en 2010 (autoeditado) y "Mechanisms" en 2012 (Clean Feed).

Eivind Opsvik "OVERSEAS"
Periodos de gira del 3 al 17 de marzo de 2017

TONY MALABY, saxophone.

BRANDON SEABROOK, electric guitar.

JACOB SACKS, piano and organ.

EIVIND OPSVIK, upright bass.



"Throughout the date, Opsvik's bold writing deftly juxtaposes nostalgia and modernity, yielding a truly unclassifiable hybrid. One of today's most compelling musical statements, Overseas IV is a fully realized effort whose equitable blend of folksy melody, neo-classical harmonic sophistication, and avant-garde improvisation transcends the limitations of genre." Troy Collins, Allaboutjazz


"I haven't yet heard Overseas I through III, but catching the series here at IV is quite a pleasure. Eivind Opsvik, with his instrumentally eclectic group, creates a world of unfolding soundscapes that run the gamut from precious to powerful. It's an excellent collection of music that packs a lot of surprises." Paul Acquaro, Free jazzblog


Eivind Opsvik is a Norwegian musician who’s been living in New York since 1998. His main instrument is the upright bass, but he also spends time playing lap steel guitar, old keyboards and drums, composing music, recording, mixing and producing (he has a studio in the basement) and running a record label; Loyal Label.
His main projects are Overseas, Opsvik & Jennings and his solo project.
'Overseas' is the name of Eivind's band. The band was formed in 2002 and is Jacob Sacks on piano, harpsichord and organ, Tony Malaby on saxophone, Kenny Wollesen on drums and most recent addition, Brandon Seabrook on guitar. Eivind plays bass and writes all the music. Four records have been released; Overseas (2003), Overseas II (2005) and Overseas III (2008). Overseas IV was recorded in the summer of 2011 and released on Loyal Label in April of 2012.
Opsvik & Jennings, the experimental pop duo with tunesmith and guitarist Aaron Jennings, released their third album in 2009 on CD and Vinyl; “A Dream I Used to Remember” (Loyal Label).
Eivind is currently working on a solo album, it will be an audio/visual release in collaboration with photographer Michelle Arcila where each song will be accompanied by a photograph. Expected release in 2013.
Eivind also performs with a plethora of other bands and musicians: Tony Malaby's Paloma Recio, Nate Wooley Quintet, Jesse Stacken Trio, Skuli Sverrison's Seria, Two Miles A Day (record featuring: Jacob Sacks, Mat Maneri, Paul Motian), Jeff Davis Trio with Russ Lossing, Mary Halvorson's Reverse Blue, Rocket Engine, Plainville, Kris Davis Trio, Håkon Kornstad, David Binney with Brian Blade and Craig Taborn, Rocket Engine, Tone Collector, Jesse Harris' Cosmo, The Interaction of Non-Interaction (w Ben Gerstein), Poor Pluto ...and more