Bryan and the Haggards featuring Dr. Eugene Chadbourne

EUGENE CHADBOURNE, vocals, banjo, dobro. BRYAN MURRAY, tenor, soprano, alto saxophones, talzmer, nose whistle, recorder, ocarina, vocals.
JON IRABAGON, C melody, soprano and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, penny whistle. JON LUNDBOM , guitar, banjo, vocals.
MOPPA ELLIOTT, bass, vocals. JASON TIEMANN, drums, vocals


On tour from March 6th to 22nd 2015


"a daring punk-jazz ensemble...what you'd imagine dancing to at David Lynch's wedding reception." - Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times


BIGGEST SURPRISE JAZZ ALBUM OF 2010 - Steve Greenlee – Boston Globe




"...their debut, is satisfying as both a commentary on Mr. Haggard's music and a dispatch from the current jazz frontier." - Nate Chinen, NY Times

"In interpreting "Swinging Doors," "Lonesome Fugitive" and other Haggard classics from a free-jazz perspective, Mr. Murray makes them sound not merely heartbreaking but positively apocalyptic."- Will Friedwald – The Wall Street Journal

"The album takes the tunes to places probably never dreamed of by the Bakerseld country-music star. ..."Swinging Doors"ambles along over a lazy country swing beat while saxophonists Murray and Irabagon inject a touch of the avant into the twang." Ed Hazel – Jazziz Magazine

"...a fusion of music no one envisioned. It's often hilarious and always terrific." Jeff Simon – Buffalo News

"an odd marriage of the country music's iconic Bakers?eld sound with free jazz... Really. And it works. Go ?gure." Dan McClenaghan – All About Jazz

"...from shit-kicking 2-beat country to hellaciously rapid Ornette-style free bop and back." Dave Wyane – JazzReview.com

"Am I a redneck? Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares? ...I can't help but grin like a big damn idiot." Jordan Richardson – blogcritics.org


"It's like Spike Jones meets Albert Ayler." gapplegateguitar.blogspot.com


"this (Merles Just Want to Have Fun) is a sincere tribute done with smiles on faces and love in hearts." steveterrell.blogspot.com


"The "Merles" do have a lot of fun on this album and so should any listener who like for their music to roam on the open range." somethingelsereviews.com


"...saxophone splattering all over the breakneck honky tonk, ?ashing images across your imagination of rhinestones and fringe and TV specials and revues." criticalmassesmedia.com

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