New Filthy Habits Ensemble cd

Filthy Habits Ensemble plays Stravinsky / Live At Jamboree

A reconstruction/arrangement of some of the pieces of the Suite of L´Histoire Du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky. Recorded live on 03/4/13 at Jamboree, Barcelona by Ralph Lopinski

Filthy Habits Ensemble at this point in space/time were:

Pablo Selnik: Flute
El Pricto: Clarinet and Conduction
Don Malfon: Alto Saxophone
Tom Chant: Tenor Saxophone
Natsuko Sugao: Trumpet
Jo Miramontes: Piano
Sebi Suárez (McKayhan): Electric Bass
Vasco Trilla aka Thriller: Drums

More information, listen a track or  download the digital album:  http://discordianrecords.bandcamp.com

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