The Young Mothers

"The Young Mothers closed the last night of Sonic Transmissions with a blistering set of Lone Star free punk that got the old jazz heads out of their chairs and the laconic hipsters moving like interpretive dervishes."

–The Wire / UK


"..their caustic collisions of hip-hop, indie rock, African grooves and grindcore were the stuff of sheer telephatic alchemy. .... At a time when politicians and right wing media outlets continue to turbocharge public fears over adulterated cultures and crumbling borders, the Young Mothers personified the merits of international exchange."

-Jazzwise / UK


"....... I could tell you that they're so far ahead of what's happening in jazz right now, that they've placed themselves light years ahead of everyone else. But I feel like you'll realize that when you give this record a listen."

– Free Press Houston


"Listen and hear how sophisticated limits are broken and shadows overjumped. All of this happens as nonchalant and playful that it will give you tears of joy in your eyes."



"This is levitation music, good for dancing on your feet as well as in your head. A Mother's Work Is Never Done sounds like an early candidate for my end-of-2014 top ten list!"

–TheStashDauber / Dallas


"The Young Mothers are hydraulic pumpers. The album is a grenade in the head."

– CD Journal / Japan 

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