The Americojones Experience

Sponsored by Marc Ribot, we have met  The Americojones Experience. We liked his music and his attitude and it seems that he also liked us, so, and without further ado, we launched ourselves to promote these cute and necessary characters!

The Americo Jones Experience is a rock'n'roll band from Mexico City's Chinatown, with Americo Jones on guitar and vocals, Sebastián Rojas on guitar, Máximo Hollander on bass and Raul Ponce on drums.

Pure raw talent, deranged youth and elegant nonconformity. 

They began to play in various venues, mostly in bars and cantinas in downtown of Mexico City, earning a reputation for their loud, explosive gigs, full of life, mistakes and crazy dances. On May 1rst 2020 they released their first single "Heroína" from their debut album "Contradicciones", produced by Dr. Bona Bonson with their seventies punk sound.

On April 2nd 2021 they release "Viva la Muerte", from their second album "Animal del Demonio", produced by Hugo Quezada at Progreso Nacional in Mexico City with Gerardo Ponce playing the guitar on various tracks.

The album will be out later this year with a dirtier and more modern sound than ever.

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