"Brötzmann Der Film" at in-edit.beefeater 2011


In-Edit. Beefeater

Brötzmann Der Film (Trailer)



At the Barcelona International Music Documentary Film Festival In-Edit Beefeater, that this year will run from October 27th to November 6th, it will be the film about Peter Brötzmann Brötzmann Der Film. The producers René Jeuckens, Thomas Mau and Grischa Windus followed his trace all the way from his Wuppertal backyard studio to the colorful poor London alleyways of Hackney.

Whilst the world famous saxophone player remembers and draws anecdotes from his past about old friends, new images and liberty, colleges, journalists and pub owners have their own memories about the one that has build a steady pathway of “Free Jazz” without compromises, as well as his fascinating inspiration and his long cigars.

“It’s late now for the world”
Albert Ayler, 1965

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