Donny McCaslin's Fast Future

DONNY McCASLIN, saxo tenor.  

JASON LINDNER, piano y fender rodhes.  

TIM LEFEBVRE, bajo eléctrico.  



En Europa, de gira entre el 1 y el 20 de noviembre de 2016


Saber que fueron los escogidos por David Bowie para tocar y grabar su último disco Black Star, puede dar una idea de su excelencia... Love and Living, es un buen ejemplo, !a disfrutar! 

It was in many ways a dream come true although I'm not sure I could have dreamed of such a thing. And now I'm equal parts sad and grateful for everything that has happened. David Bowie was an inspiration to work with and Blackstar is a testament to the time Mark Guiliana, Tim Lefevbre, Jason Lindner, Ben Monder, and I spent with him last year.

-Donny -


* Representation only in Spain in collaboration with Mike Epstein & Co. http://www.epsteinco.com/

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